Registered with the Charity Commission, the IWCT provides a formal, secure and accountable platform for anyone wishing to donate/bequest monies to a full array of  Wolfhound related causes. 



Unified by a love for the Irish Wolfhound

The IWCT aims  to make a difference by funding a wide variety of work ranging from

research, to health and welfare organisations.  

All of which give Irish Wolfhounds a healthier, happier life.

Supporting  all things Irish Wolfhound.

Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger and a healthier way to move forward with the breed.

 The Kennel Club’s announcement that the breed finds itself on the ‘Vulnerable Native Breed’ list, due to 2014 seeing only 282 Wolfhound Puppies registered in the UK.   Created a great deal of interesting discussion in the press and on social media around the general topic of Wolfhound breeding, this also brought to the fore an urgent need for those in the breed to be proactive. 

Supporting Welfare, Health and Research 

Connecting through shared experiences